Ambow Education Holding Ltd. stands at the forefront of educational innovation as a distinguished leader in AI-driven educational technology. Our mission is to empower educational institutions, educators, and students by delivering state-of-the-art AI and connectivity solutions specifically crafted for the educational sector. Leveraging our groundbreaking HybriU technology, alongside operating the esteemed New School of Architecture & Design in San Diego, California, Ambow is devoted to delivering unmatched, personalized, and impactful career education services with sophisticated AI-driven digital education technologies and solutions.

Ambow’s HybriU solution is redefining educational accessibility and delivery on a global scale. Acknowledging the trend toward a seamless blend of in-person and remote instruction, Ambow has innovated the HybriU platform to transform the hybrid classroom model, substantially improving educational outcomes and boosting enrollment figures.

HybriU is meticulously engineered to fulfill the unmet needs of the multi-billion-dollar higher learning and workforce training markets, offering capabilities far beyond conventional online video correspondence tools. It facilitates a comprehensive integration of online and offline classroom discussions, incorporates instant AI translation, and enables simultaneous content creation. This innovative approach fosters a truly immersive learning environment, ensuring a cohesive connection between in-person classroom settings and remote participants, irrespective of geographic location or language barriers.